June 3, 2023

A Guide Thru Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Zealots

So, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla came out a few days ago and in this article I will explain how to complete all missions with 2 players in co-op mode, both offline and online.

This is going to be one of my shortest articles because there isn’t much to write about; this will be a very quick and easy guide.

What are the Zealots?

The Zealots were a branch of Templar assassins that founded by Sage Tyr.

They were characterized by their zeal for battle and perilous mission perilous mission, as well as their relatively young age.

Since this is the first assassin’s creed game to feature multiplayer, I’m going to take you through the four characters giving you an idea on what their strengths are and why you should use them.

This guide is mainly for people who are new to AC multiplayer but anyone can read it if they are curious about the 4 characters.

I will be covering all four classes so I suggest reading this in order.

The skills shown here are at level one, not maxed out.

Also know that this game uses rock, paper, scissors mechanics so one class isn’t stronger than another.

The game is all about the player’s skill and knowledge of their own character.

Assassins are quick little bastards.

They are very agile with good crowd control abilities. They can easily get behind an enemy to do a backstab for around double damage.

The History of the Zealot  

The Assassins were a branch of the Templar Order that were characterized by their zeal for battle and perilous missions, as well as their relatively young age.

They were created by Sage Tyr, a former member of the Templar Order.

The Zealots began after Tyr defected from the Knights of Bysmiel to pursue an even greater cause.

Their rousing speeches and fighting abilities was what attracted many young recruits to their cause, and they relied on the training of assassins such as Sage Tyr to defeat stronger, better armed opponents.

The Assassins rely on speed and agility to outwit their foes.  

They are the most versatile class with a diverse set of skills, but they lack the raw strength of the Vanguard.

How to find zealots ac valhalla

The best place to start is in the Archives via the world map.

The Zealots are located below “Templars” and above “No Class”.

Either go there by yourself or find a friend who doesn’t mind helping you out.

What They Are Good At  

The Assassins are very good at PvP because of their speed and range abilities.

They are good at crowd control because of their ranged weapons, area effect skills, and superhuman speed.

Their low health makes them vulnerable in 1v1 though.

How to Defeat Them

The best way to defeat them is to use big skills that have a long range because they are usually very far away.

Longer ranged weapons are also good for this reason.

Vanguards are the heavy duty tanks of AC Valhalla Multiplayer.They are great in 1v1 but vulnerable in large scale fights because of their low speed.

They are the slowest class in multiplayer but they make up for it in power.

Their super strength is their main asset.

Other Important Information about the Zealot

The Zealots are generally very good at 1v1 but vulnerable in large scale fights.

They have the best crowd control skills of all the classes because they can deal very high damage to multiple targets quickly, however this is difficult for them to achieve without help.

The History of the Vanguard The Knights of Bysmiel were a branch of Templar knights that saw themselves as saviors, not conquerors.

They believed in order and wanted to establish it throughout the land under their rule by any means necessary.

This put them at odds with other noble houses and eventually led to war.

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